The Lutrinae


The Lutrinae is a weekly student-run newspaper covering California State University, Monterey Bay and its neighboring areas. Formerly known as The Otter Realm, The Lutrinae brings modern designs, integration with social media and online tools, and ultimately, a newspaper that is made for students, by students.

Work Background

In 2017, I became a part of the creative process that helped rebrand CSU Monterey Bay’s student-run newspaper. I am responsible for the daily maintenance of The Lutrinae’s website, social media and all other web-related services as well as contributing to student recruitment at school events.


The Lutrinae features a simple design and light color scheme as well as carefully picked serif and sans serif font pairings: Raleway for headers and detail text, and Libre Bakersville for article titles and body text.

The site has undergone two major redesigns since its start, with each revision providing a more streamlined and customized experience. The WordPress website runs a customized version of tagDiv’s Newspaper theme, which adds functionality for the Co-Authors Plus plugin, appropriately displaying multiple co-authors and guest authors throughout the site.

Although this is my final major redesign before graduating, I will continue to improve upon the site as my skills evolve and eventually pursue a career in web development and web design in the future.


Lutrinae 01 home.jpg Lutrinae 02 article page campus.jpg Lutrinae 03 category movie reviews.jpg Lutrinae 04 search page lime scooters.jpg