Meme Generator

Version: 1.0



Meme Generator is a CST 205 group project created in Fall 2017. It is developed by Kara Spencer, Carlos Estrada, and Jacob Gull.

Created for our fellow lovers and creators of dank memes, Meme Generator allows users to craft their own masterpieces using meme templates, filters, and custom text. For those looking for some extra spiciness, users can also upload their own meme images as well.

How to Run

To run our generator simply clone our repo to your local machine, point your terminal to the repo’s directory, and run py (or python depending on your local settings). The GUI will then run and you can follow the on-screen prompts to generate your meme!


If you have trouble with crashes due to Open resource error this is a problem that occurs when the fonts in the font folder are not installed on a users computer. To fix this issue simply go into the fonts directory within the CST205Memes folder and click open on each font that does not work and click install.

Future Development

In the future, this program has potential for numerous expansions such as more font and image customizations as well as the addition of .gif files and other potential formats.

/assets/img/meme generator/meme generator 01 start.png /assets/img/meme generator/meme generator 02 editor.png /assets/img/meme generator/meme generator 03 meme output.jpg