Graphic Design

Nox v3.1

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This theme will no longer receive regular updates and is now free. Follow me on Twitter to see what I’m working on now.

Nox is a highly customizable theme aiming to give users greater control over their devices and complement their dark mode setup. Featuring 3 icon modes, 3 notification badges, general purpose icons and lots more, Nox is sure to meet your customization needs.

SnowBoard Extensions

To use Nox to its full potential, please install the appropriate SnowBoard Extensions stated below for the feature(s) you’d like to use.


  • 300 themed apps
  • 20+ alternate icons
  • 50 general purpose icons (SnowBoard only)
  • Glyph, Dark, and Black icon modes (requires Icon Effects Extension)
  • Red, Dark, and Black notification badges
  • Folder icons & backgrounds
  • Settings icons (requires Settings Icons Extension)
  • Transparent page dots (requires Page Dots Extension)

General Purpose Icons

Nox’s general purpose icons are made to give users more choices for their unthemed apps in between updates. To use general purpose icons, you must be using SnowBoard. This will not work with Anemone 3 at the moment, as Anemone doesn’t support alternate icons anymore. Using SnowBoard’s alternate icon picker, tap on “All Icons” and in the search bar, type in “NOX-“ to see all icons or type in a keyword like “music” or “transportation”.


Nox 01 dark gray.jpg Nox 02 black.jpg Nox 03 glyph.jpg Nox 04 folders.jpg Nox 05 apple icons.jpg Nox 06 apple icons.jpg Nox 07 google icons.jpg Nox 08 general icons.jpg Nox 09 general icons.jpg Nox 10 extensions.jpg Nox 11 settings icons.jpg Nox 12 settings icons.jpg