Version: 2.0

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Nox is an iOS theme made for the Anemone and Snowboard theming engines. Featuring pure black icons, Nox is perfect for users with OLED displays looking for a complete Dark Mode experience without having to sacrifice the stock iOS look and feel.


  • 260 Home Screen icons
  • 30 alternate icons
  • Black notification badges
  • Settings icons
  • 40 General Purpose icons (SnowBoard only)

General Purpose Icons

Nox’s general purpose icons are made to give users more choices for their unthemed apps in between updates. To use general purpose icons, you must be using SnowBoard. This will not work with Anemone 3 at the moment, as Anemone doesn’t support alternate icons anymore. Using SnowBoard’s alternate icon picker, tap on “All Icons” and in the search bar, type in “NOX-“ to see all icons or type in a keyword like “music” or “transportation”.

Complete Your Setup


If you have any additional icons that you’d like themed, you can make up to 10 requests on the Google Form linked above.


After purchasing this item on Packix, you have 7 days to request a refund, no questions asked. Any request made after that, regardless of the reason, will be declined.

Nox 01 black theme home.jpg Nox 02 gray theme home.jpg Nox 03 glyph theme home.jpg Nox 04 snowboard options.jpg Nox 05 all icons.jpg Nox 06 all icons.jpg Nox 07 apple icons.jpg Nox 08 general purpose icons.jpg Nox 09 general purpose icons.jpg Nox 10 settings icons.png Nox 11 settings icons.png