Version: 2.0

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Guide PAC-MAN through the maze as you consume pellets, chase ghosts, and collect fruits. Consume all the pellets to advance to the next stage. Munch on a Power Pellet to temporarily allow ghosts to be eaten. But be careful—Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde adapt quickly to survive.

Built using the Simple and Fast Multimedia Library (SFML) and modeled after the original PAC-MAN arcade game, this version attempts to mimic the classic arcade game while adding additional improvements to functionality. Thanks to SFML, cross-platform functionality is built-in, which makes it a breeze to run the code on the operating system of your choice.

How to Run

  • To run the project on macOS, simply select PAC-MAN.xcodeproj and open in XCode.
  • To run the project on Windows, select PAC-MAN.sln and point your compiler to the appropriate SFML 2.4.2 files.

Possible Future Updates

  • Implement a Pathfinding Algorithm for the ghosts and use their original AI.
  • Represent the world with tiles and load mazes from text files.


Pacman 01 icon.png Pacman 02 start.png Pacman 03 gameplay.png Pacman 04 paused.png