Rapella Art


Madi Rapella is a Digital & Fine Artist currently pursuing a degree in Visual and Public Art at California State University, Monterey Bay. She mainly works in digital and acrylic mediums and conveys the stories of people and animals through a realistic portraiture style.


The portfolio website was developed from scratch using Jekyll and a custom Bootstrap build. To allow her the same content management capabilities as WordPress without the databases and excess bulk, the site was built with the help of Forestry CMS–a content management system for generating and managing static sites with a git backend.


Rapella’s website features a simple design, a light pink and rose-like color scheme and her signature logo at the forefront of each page. Large, prominent images with sharp edges and subtle drop shadows are used site-wide to accentuate the art. All this, paired with Laila headings and Raleway body text, makes for a clean and aesthetically pleasing website.

For more information about her work and services offered, head on over to her website.


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