Graphic Design

The Seaside Society


The Seaside Society is an organization in Seaside, California whose purpose is to promote social, cultural, intellectual, and international exchange among its participants and the community it serves, as well as the promotion of ethical leadership, academic achievement, and civic responsibility.

I was contacted by Yollette Merritt, a member of the organization, in May 2019 and tasked with creating its image using a seahorse as the heart of the design.

A Work in Progress

To say that this logo was a work in progress is an understatement. The logo went through countless revisions before it became what it is today. Right from the start, I wanted to play with the idea of the seahorse being an “S” in “Seaside Society.” Several snake- and dragon-like revisions later, I realized that this idea wasn’t going to make the cut.

Back to Basics

It was at this point that I was re-evaluating the original image I was given to work with. Rather than creating the design from thin air, I decided to study images of seahorses and try to mimic the look of a real seahorse.

Although I certainly improved from my snake- and dragon-like designs, it still didn’t quite sit right. All I could see now was either a duck or a horse.

The Golden Ratio

I sat and pondered about how I could fix the current design. My client wanted me to use the original image for something and I was back to wanting an abstract piece. Then it hit me—the golden ratio.

I studied the idea closely and decided to give it a shot and boy was I glad I did it. What seemed like a tangled mess of circles quickly (and very satisfyingly) became the new face of The Seaside Society.

Logo Progression

Check out the photos below to view the evolution of the logo from its final design to its first iteration and the image that started it all.


/assets/img/seaside society/seaside society 01 banner final.jpg /assets/img/seaside society/seaside society 02 revision 10.jpg /assets/img/seaside society/seaside society 03 revision 08.jpg /assets/img/seaside society/seaside society 04 revision 07.jpg /assets/img/seaside society/seaside society 05 revision 05.jpg /assets/img/seaside society/seaside society 06 revision 02.jpg /assets/img/seaside society/seaside society 07 revision 01.jpg /assets/img/seaside society/seaside society 08 original image seahorse.jpg